Vikas Bansal

Community Partner
FinTech Connector

Vikas has successfully managed multiple consulting/outsourcing relationships as a Client Partner for various Banks and Financial Services institutions to deliver transformation projects and achieve key business objectives.  As a strategic adviser to clients, Vikas has been a keen observer and researcher of trends and opportunities that contextualize FinTech and the various thematic areas of FinTech innovation and disruptive technologies.   He is proficient in the Lean Launchpad methodology – Business Model Generation, Product Market Fit, Value Proposition Canvas and the Ten-point Innovation Framework. He has an astute understanding of the domains of Digital Transformation and their application in the context of Financial Services. He has published his points of view on Digital Transformation and future of retail banking. As a Community Partner of FinTech Connector he is currently focused on building a community of Fintech Innovators and Enablers in Chicago and around the globe.