Omeed Mehrinfar

Regional Director, EMEA Plug and Play

Omeed currently heads Plug and Play’s FinTech activities in Europe and general operations in the Middle-East. He started his career being a founding member of one of Plug and Play’s largest divisions (FinTech) in California. As of January 2017, Omeed relocated to Paris, whereby he founded, structured and headed the BNP Paribas - Plug and Play partnership. BNP Paribas  partnered with Plug and Play to co-manage their innovation lab, as a means to expedite their business line engagement with startups and new technologies. With 2018 around the corner, Omeed has launched a new presence for Plug and Play in Abu Dhabi in partnership with Abu Dhabi Global Market. Apart from acting as a centralized innovation platform for all financial enterprises (local, regional and international) operating in or near the UAE, this partnership is also Plug and Play’s first Flagship presence in the GCC region, acting as a beachhead for evaluating further investment opportunities.