PLUS Journal

The PLUS journal (published since 1994) is the most competent specialized periodical in Russia and other FSU countries. Average readership per issue is 21,000 pers. Number of readers per single copy (on average) – 4.3 pers. The circulation of the journal is 5,000 copies. The publication is distributed via subscription (by the Editorial Board and agencies) and at the events hosted and/or attended by the journal in Russia, FSU and other countries.

Frequency: 12 issues a year. The targeted audience includes top managers such as directors, vice presidents and deputy chairmen, middle-level managers directly involved in the preparation and approval of long-term decisions on the implementation of specific projects in banks and other commercial and government entities.

For more information, please contact Konstantin Grizov, Vice President, Member of Board (, +7 925 005 4005).