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Want to demo your latest Fintech innovation at Finovate Middle East?

Finovate is the leading showcase of new innovations in banking, investing, insurance, lending, payments and other financial services technology (“fintech” for short). FinovateMiddleEast gathers C-level execs, venture capitalists, product managers, entrepreneurs and press excited to see the future of fintech debut via our unique, demo-only format.

The events are single-track and completely focused on the handpicked presenters.

The novel format — part press conference, part sales demo, part biz dev meeting and part analyst briefing — provides a proven platform for fintech companies to achieve the next level of success. With new customers, strategic partnerships, expert feedback, press coverage and VC funding.

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The Finovate best in show story: Uri Gruenbaum, Tipranks

TipRanks have seen an exponential growth since winning Best in Show at FinovateFall 2013 and FinovateSpring 2013. We chatted to Uri Gruenbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of TipRanks about their journey since and how Finovate positioned them as a leading fintech.

Best of Show Demos

At every Finovate event, the audience chooses which demos win “Best of Show.”

At FinovateSpring 2017, SaleMove was selected as a “Best of Show” winner for their Engagement Platform and OmniBrowse Solution — innovative technology that helps FIs either meet or, better yet, exceed the in-person customer experience online.

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